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One choice for tile flooring that has been gaining popularity is large format tile. These tiles have become a staple due to the way they elevate a space to make it seem large and spacious. Tile can bring a lot of value to your home, but there are many things that cause large format tile to stand out from the rest of its counterparts. 

Benefits of Large Format Tile

There are many benefits to adding large format tile to your home including:

  • Less Grout Lines – One major benefit of large format tile is that it requires less grout lines than smaller tile options. This makes the floor seem more seamless and breaks the flow of the floor less. This also makes the space feel a lot larger than it actually is!
  • Quick Installation & Low Maintenance – With there being less overall tiles it is much faster to install with less grout lines as well. This also makes it easier to maintain and clean that are also less likely to crack or chip.
  • Versatile – There are many different designs and colors available for large format tile. With so many different designs and textures, you can surely find a design that fits your home.

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