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Are the floors in your home damaged and in need of repair? Contact Coastal Flooring & Design Center to fix up your home and return your living space back to pristine conditions.  

Types of Home Remodeling Services in Port St Lucie

Flooring Services

  1. Carpet Installation  Looking to add carpet to your home? Find the carpet you are looking for and we will install it for you!
  2. Carpet Repair  If you notice that your carpet is starting to bubble or rip give us a call and we will go through the process of trimming and patching your carpet so that it looks good as new!
  3. Tile Installation Once you have tile picked out for your home, we will go through the process of installing it into your home.
  4. Tile Repair Cracked/damaged tiles are not only unappealing but potentially dangerous. We’ll fix your tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, or wherever the damage is in your home. Whether you need some tiles replaced or regrouted, give us a call! 
  5. Hardwood Flooring Installation – Hardwood flooring has stood the test of time as a classic choice for homeowners who seek timeless elegance and durability.
  6. Hardwood Refinishing/Resurfacing Rather than going with the more expensive options of completely replacing your floors, get your hardwood surface refinished or resurfaced so that your floor can be restored to its original form.
  7. Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation – Luxury Vinyl Tile, commonly referred to as LVT, is a flooring option that has gained popularity due to its blend of style, durability, and affordability.
  8. Luxury Vinyl Repair – If your Vinyl floor has been damaged or scratched we can go in and fix it up so that your floor shines again!
  9. Laminate Flooring Installation – Laminate Flooring consists of multiple layers, including a high-density fiberboard (HDF) or particleboard core, a photographic layer that mimics the appearance of wood, stone, or other materials, and a protective top layer.
  10. Laminate Flooring Repair – Swelling or scratching can happen, which is why you should call experts in to repair the damaged boards.

Our Other Services

  1. Countertop Installation – View our collection of natural stone and materials and use our expert installation to get a new countertop in your home today.
  2. Countertop Repair  – We will go through the process of repairing your marble, quartz, or granite countertop to make your kitchen shine!
  3. Window Treatment See our selection of custom window treatments to get installed into your home!
  4. Cabinet Installation Check out the cabinets and brands we carry to see how we can make your home shine today!

Why Call Us To Get Home Remodeling Services in Port St Lucie

Most may think that having a small crack here and there is fine, but any damage to your home can potentially lead to even more damage down the line. You’ll want to consider the severity of the damage and that is when you’ll need to call in an expert. Coastal Flooring & Design Center have been fixing up homes for the past 25 years. Get the repair you need by giving us a call today!

Find the best home remodeling in Port St Lucie with Coastal Flooring & Design Center. We will make sure your home is brought back to its former glory. Schedule a meeting with us today to learn more about our services and ways we can improve your home. 

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Our Reviews

Bill & Karen Eggeling
Bill & Karen Eggeling
A pleasure! I loved that I could pick my slab and see exactly what I was getting. Easy ordering, prompt delivery, professional installation.
Lindsay Campbell
Lindsay Campbell
Amazing !!!!! We had our guest bathroom tiled, floor, walls, shower. Everyone here is terrific. From Vito helping us find our tile, he knew exactly what our family was looking for, to Maggie organizing everything on our time crunch. They get it done here. Mike helped us pick our granite, thank you ! Our house was prepped and cleaned up each day by Luiz, he is incredibly talented. We are grateful for a much needed remodeled guest bathroom !! Thank you !!
Jamie Curry Scacca
Jamie Curry Scacca
Coastal flooring and Design Center Nice products for my home remodel. Next is backsplash I will be ordering something this week. I have purchased a couple of pantries, vinyl flooring, tile, granite, hardware. One project at a time. Grey ash vinyl. Back to remodeling I didn't like the vinyl, so I switched to large format polished porcelain. New baseboards installed by Coastal flooring and Design center as well now to paint. Coastal floorings design center has a new line of designer wall tile that I have my eye on. Eventually I need to have my shower done glad new materials have arrived.
Kaylin Yost
Kaylin Yost
Coastal Flooring did an amazing job for our office! The flooring turned out so good. The staff was amazing to work with and made the process extremely easy. We would definitely use them again!
Paul Paradis
Paul Paradis
Coastal Flooring did and excellent job on our counter tops and flooring. The installers were professional and experienced. They have great materials to choose from. We would recommend and use then again.
Edward DeFelice
Edward DeFelice
We've used Coastal Flooring twice now to replace carpeted floors with either vinyl or wood/laminate products by Mohawk. Oue experience was very good throughout. Our salesman, Vito made sure that we got the lowest prices on everything. But the real kudos goes to the installation team who were artists in the way the laid the flooring which had variations in color. Also they did a wonderful job installing the quarter-round pieces in such a way that it looks like it was always there. We have two more rooms to do and will definitely be returning to Coastal.

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