Vapor Barrier Underlayment in Stuart

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Many may not know about why you need a vapor barrier underlayment, especially in Florida. It is extremely important to protect your subfloor from any moisture, and a way to ensure the flooring is leveled and secured. We’ll go over why you need to have a vapor barrier underlayment under certain types of flooring.

Benefits of Vapor Barrier Underlayment in Stuart

A vapor barrier underlayment provides a lot of benefits to your floor including:

  • Water Resistant – By their very nature, underlayment’s are designed to protect the subflooring from moisture and water damage. If your subflooring begins to gather moisture it can lead to mold growth and more permanent damage to your flooring. 
  • Levels Flooring – Another design feature of underlayment is ensuring that the floor remains level and straight. Subflooring when installed can be a little uneven which is where underlayment comes in handy to ensure your floor remains flat. 
  • Softens Noise – Underlayment has an added benefit of softening the noise the floor makes when walking on top of it. This is especially helpful in high traffic areas where people are moving through the room often. 
  • Better Insulation – By installing underlayment it does a better job of transferring heat throughout a room than without one. This is a great way to keep your rooms at your desired temperature. 
If you are in need of vapor barrier underlayment in Stuart then contact Coastal Flooring & Design Center. We have been providing flooring solutions to homes in Port St Lucie and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. Check out our showroom to see our selection of flooring options. We will help you get the dream home you have been looking for! 
Vapor Barrier Underlayment

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