Plantation Shutters in Lakewood Park

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What Are Plantation Shutters in Lakewood Park?

Plantation shutters got their name due to design originating from window shutters that were used by plantations in the south. These shutters were designed to keep homes cool during summers and warm during winters. They are made with louvers for slats that can be adjusted to change the amount of light let into a room. 

Benefits of Plantation Shutters in Lakewood Park

There are many benefits of using plantation shutters. For one they are quite easy to maintain and clean. They are generally much more stable than blinds and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Plus it doesn’t need to be taken apart to be cleaned as compared to other blinds. Due to this, the ability to remove dust from them is a huge benefit that should be greatly considered when picking window covers. Plantation shutters that are made up of composite materials also tend to be very resistant to the humidity that is common in Florida. This also makes them ideal window coverings for bathrooms and kitchens where the temperature tends to rise due to heat or moisture. 

Picking the right window covering can be a bit difficult. That is why you should come by Coastal Flooring & Design Center to see our showroom. We’ll show you what window coverings we have available including Plantation Shutters and explain the costs & benefits for each design. You’ll be sure to find the design you’re looking for to make your home shine! 

Plantation Shutter

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Are you interested learning more about what is a floating floor? Floating floors are a type of flooring installation that is installed by laying and locking the planks next to each other rather than securing them with glue or nails. This is a very common installation process for laminate flooring or lvt flooring

Benefits of A Floating Floor

This kind of flooring installation comes with many advantages including:

  • Easy Installation – Compared to other flooring installation options, floating floors are extremely easy to install over subflooring. Due to this it can be laid down quick allowing you to save on installation costs. This also makes it a great choice for DIY enthusiasts. 
  • Easy to Replace – If a single tile or plank is damaged it is extremely easy to repair and replace with a floating floor. Just take out that specific tile and replace it. 
  • Affordable –  Compared to many other flooring options, it is a much more budget friendly option. You don’t have to pay as much for installation or the materials used. 

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If you’re looking to add a floating floor to your home then come visit Coastal Flooring & Design Center. We have a wide selection of flooring options available including Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tile. We have been improving homes in Port St Lucie and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. Give us a call today to learn more! 
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