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Coastal Flooring is your premier destination for a wide selection of decomposed granite products in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, and the surrounding areas. With a service radius covering 75 miles, we make it convenient for you to find the perfect decomposed granite products for your landscaping or construction project.

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At Coastal Flooring, we offer a diverse range of decomposed granite products, including:

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Our experienced team is here to assist you in finding the perfect decomposed granite products for your landscaping or construction needs.

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Exploring the Versatility of Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite (DG) is a landscaping material that has gained popularity for its versatility, natural appearance, and low-maintenance qualities. If you’re considering using decomposed granite for your outdoor project, you may have some common questions in mind. In this post, we’ll address the three most frequently asked questions about decomposed granite.

1. What Is Decomposed Granite?

Decomposed granite is a type of crushed stone that consists of small, fine particles, typically ranging from 1/4 inch to dust-sized. It’s created by the natural weathering and erosion of solid granite over time. DG is known for its earthy, rustic appearance and is often used in landscaping and outdoor projects for its aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

2. What Are the Common Uses of Decomposed Granite?

Decomposed granite has a wide range of applications in landscaping and outdoor design:

a. Pathways and Walkways:

DG is a popular choice for creating beautiful and durable pathways in gardens, parks, and residential landscapes. Its natural appearance blends well with various surroundings and provides a stable walking surface.

b. Patios and Outdoor Living Spaces:

You can use decomposed granite to create inviting patios and outdoor seating areas. When compacted properly, DG forms a stable surface suitable for furniture placement.

c. Driveways:

In some regions, decomposed granite is used as a cost-effective alternative to traditional asphalt or concrete driveways. It provides excellent traction and drainage.

d. Garden Borders and Edging:

DG is an attractive option for defining garden borders and edging. Its earthy tones complement plants and landscaping elements.

e. Xeriscaping:

Due to its low water absorption and permeability, decomposed granite is a popular choice for xeriscaping, a landscaping approach that conserves water. DG helps prevent soil erosion and retain moisture in arid climates.

3. How Do I Install and Maintain Decomposed Granite?


Installing decomposed granite is relatively straightforward:

  • Prepare the Area: Clear the area of vegetation and debris. Ensure proper drainage if needed.

  • Lay a Weed Barrier: To prevent weed growth, lay a weed barrier fabric over the prepared area.

  • Spread and Compact DG: Spread the decomposed granite evenly and compact it with a plate compactor or hand tamper. Water the surface lightly to aid compaction.

  • Edge and Contain: Install edging or containment borders to keep the DG in place.


Maintaining decomposed granite is simple:

  • Regular Raking: Periodically rake the surface to redistribute the material and maintain a smooth appearance.

  • Weed Control: Address any weeds that may emerge by manually removing them or using an appropriate herbicide.

  • Replenish as Needed: Over time, DG may decompose further. Top it up as necessary to maintain the desired thickness.

  • Compact as Needed: If the surface becomes uneven or loose, compact the DG again to restore stability.

In conclusion, decomposed granite is a versatile landscaping material that can enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces. Its natural appearance, low maintenance, and various uses make it a popular choice for homeowners and landscapers alike. Whether you’re creating a meandering garden path or a serene patio space, decomposed granite can be a valuable addition to your outdoor project.

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