So, you are considering uprooting your old floor and putting in new. Have you thought about the look, the feel, and the style of flooring? In what are of your home would like to add this new flooring? Hardwood and laminate tend to be among the favorites when it comes to creating a cozy and finished home. But how do you know which one is right for you? Take a look at some of the differences between the two kinds of flooring so you’re well aware what to expect.


Hardwood – Solid Oak

Nothing can replace the clean and fresh feel of hardwood flooring beneath your feet. The finish practically blends with any style home and décor within. Solid hardwood flooring offer easy transportation of furniture and rugs and is cleaner than carpet. With hardwood, you have the advantage of recoating and refinishing is natural look throughout multiple times throughout their lifespan. Along with the pros of solid oak hardwood flooring, are the cons tagging behind. Hardwood can easily shift and contract with the change of seasons. Humidity can cause the wood to swell due to access moisture if not taken care of right away. Bathrooms and kitchens are more prone to moisture and water to creep beneath the surface so pay close attention to any drips or spills. An ideal place for hard wood is the living or dining areas of your home.


It’s a quick and easy way to get the feel of hardwood without the upkeep. Installing laminate will cost less and take up half of your time and are easy cut with a knife so you can design the layout to your liking. Not only can you get as creative as you’d like with laminate, you can choose from any shade. Laminate make it possible for anyone to afford and resemble the clean and bright hardwood fish like solid oak and can add the same advantages that hardwood. Unfortunately though, laminate is also a victim of moisture and can curl, bubble, dent, and shift quite easily. When laminate gets damaged by moisture, it isn’t repairable and will have to be replaced. You will not be able to save just one slice or laminate.

Laminate is perfect for any room in the house, although most people like to use it in bathrooms, mudrooms, children’s playrooms, and even patios. Like with all floors, proper care is needed to maintain your laminate floor, but in the event damage has occurred, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money of time replacing it.

When in Doubt, Ask a Pro

Your home is your fortress, whether you’re performing a complete makeover or tearing one room apart. Getting it done correctly makes all the difference so choose wisely and consider your options. If you still haven’t decided what layout you’d like for your home, ask an installation pro to take a look, give you some pointers and an estimate on each room that you desire.