Whether your business is brand new or you’d like to check out new flooring options, maybe it’s time for a flooring upgrade in your commercial business. So where do you begin? With all of the options and sizes to choose from, what will suit your business and personal needs, as well as the needs of your customers? These select flooring options below will help you decide what’s aesthetically and functionally best for the floors in your business.


Among the many options for commercial flooring, some businesses enjoy the look and feel of vinyl. It’s easy to clean and can be installed at a low cost. It’s durable and customization for just about any space in your business. Cafes, offices, salons and spas, and even some restaurants can benefit from the home-style look and cozy feel of vinyl. Some vinyl floors contain PVC and can be a health hazard so it is important to find a legitimate brand. Down the road if you’re looking to upgrade your flooring, depending on the kind of vinyl, it may difficult to remove. Overall, vinyl is a practical option for heavy-foot traffic.


Tile will never run out of style! With a wide variety of textures, patterns, shades, and designs, you can customize your tile floor in any style that suits. And tile can go perfect in just about any room in your commercial business. Tile is stain-resistant and durable and great for high-traffic areas. Kitchens and quiet office spaces are not ideal places to install tile because it is not sound-proof and can be problematic if your employees are standing for long periods of time throughout the day.


Wood is a classic and stylish option that brings a comfortable look and feel to your business. Wood, much like vinyl, will never go out of style because of its easy-to-clean with a durable finish, if treated properly. Salons and spas, cafes, and some restaurants enjoy the benefits of real wood flooring. Although it’s an appealing choice for coastal hardwood flooring, it could also fall victim to moisture, water damage, and dents if not taken care of immediately. If you prefer your wood floors to fit a specific look and feel within your business, you can customize it to any shape and finish that is desired.


Carpet can be a hassle to keep clean but it may be just the type of flooring that will benefit your commercial business. Coastal carpets add comfort, decrease noise levels, and is energy efficient; however, it is not recommended for business with a high level of moisture. Carpet can also carry allergens and dirt very quickly and will need to be cleaned often.

Your Ultimate Goal

Before you invest your time into finding the right commercial flooring, consider the look, feel, style in which you’d be basing your decisions. Here are some questions to consider:

Will your business bring heavy foot traffic?

What is your budget?

What impression would you want to offer your clients?

How level is your current floor?

How is the climate? Too humid or Too rainy, or both?

What’s under your current flooring now?

Consult your contractor with any questions, concerns, and estimates before you call your local hardware store. Your local expert is licensed and experienced in flooring and can offer solid and trustworthy advice about your commercial flooring options!